The Holopresence Election

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Tek

Every once in a while our society undergoes a truly revolutionary event. Most often, these revolutions go unnoticed by the majority of people until the tipping point where society experiences a subsequent event that changes life for everyone, every day. Rarely do these social events impact politics in a drastic way. Facebook, Twitter and Social Networking for example went largely ignored by the political machine until it had already become adopted by the masses of tech savvy youth marching forward like an unstoppable army sweeping over the economic landscape and changing the very facet of how people communicate. People in government rushed to understand, adopt and implement the technology before they became lost in the sea of digital information.

Imagine if you will, a world where people were not required to physically be in the presence of one another in order to have fully interactive experiences. Imagine if you will, a world where politicians could gather without traveling, where world leaders could meet in person without leaving their respective countries. A world where the United Nations could congregate without necessitating the facilities that are so costly to maintain. Imagine a presidential candidate going on tour without the cost of a bus, plane, personal security, travel accommodations and the costly staff that accompanies them.

Recently I ran across an emerging technology by CISCO that takes us one step closer to the fantastic vision of the “Holo Deck” from Star Trek and, as any great technological innovation, moves us one step further than we ever really imagined. Sometimes truth is truly stranger than fiction. This technology is the Cisco TelePresence Live Holographic Video Conferencing. In short, it enables individuals to conduct meetings using interactive holographic projections of themselves with much more continuity and realism than provided by George Lucas’s visions in Star Wars delivered by the always lovable R2D2.

As society is currently caught up in the debate of whether or not the United Media Supreme Court decision has enabled unfettered campaign contributions to corrupt our electoral and political system another breed of technology savvy political strategists are no doubt trying to figure out how they can use money smarter. Just imagine the potential for a campaign trail not centered on kissing babies and shaking hands but town hall meetings, back to back in major metropolitan centers or even simulcast in multiple places at once. The possibilities are endless and to say that they are revolutionary is almost an understatement.

It’s been a long time since the campaign trail was marked by dominance of the railroad and the caboose speeches. It’s possible that the next generation will have a completely new experience in political interaction. Only time will tell.

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