The New National Socialism of America

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Rationalizations
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Recently I have started to truly evaluate what our current nationalist model truly is from an objective viewpoint rather than my own personal belief of what I was raised to believe our countries national identity is and has been. In vivid discussion with some close, personal friends whom I respect well, the issue of whether or not President Obama is a socialist inevitably comes up.

From everything I understand, Obama doesn’t believe in capitalist principles and clearly favors controlled social economic policies in contrast to free-market economic principles. He adopts a highly socialist view but at the same time retains a nationalist appeal. He has an almost cult-like leadership quality as well as a following that is devoid of an inherent understanding of facts with a very propagandized view of current events. I think there are three principle supporting arguments that not only is Obama a socialist, but that the leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties are both in fact fascist socialist.

1. At a very minimum, Obama believes in mixed market economics and supports more regulation which is a form of mixed to controlled economies which by definition is socialism on an economic level. The principle belief of socialism is the belief in collective salvation, which he spoke extensively on during his campaign and first year in office. He was forced to dial back his rhetoric on this topic to avoid being alienated as a fringe Liberation Theologist. (reference:

2. The illusion that he is a capitalist is because he is pro-buisiness. Now, this is where I will deviate from the typical analysis of him being a Marxist and point out that fascism is characterized by a combination of controlled (or mixed) market economics and private industry rather than a communist style (planned economy) government controlled means of production in the economy. (reference:

3. He’s also a nationalist, meaning he places his agenda on a national level rather than a globalists worldwide agenda (though some debate this and think he’s a globalist; I see no real support of this that’s credible). (reference:

Conclusion: Given those positions, that makes him a nationalist, a socialist and a fascist. That is by defacto a “national socialist”. Socialism (and fascism) has many forms and fascism is one of them. I should note, I believe he’s absolutely no different than Bush or even Romney in this respect. Now, google National Socialism and you’ll have your answer to what Obama really is, keeping in mind that specific “parties” with these idiologies have bigoted principles at their core due to “ethnic nationalism”. Being that we are an ethnically diverse nation, our brand of national socialism is likely to be xenophobic (e.g. least common minorities); hence our Red Fascism (neoconservatism) and Blue Socialism (liberalism) coalesce into National Socialism; e.g. Progressivism.

Progressives today are like the Nationalist Socialist Party of the 1930’s. Left unchecked, they try to rule the world through propoganda, war, tyranny and opression.

  1. shellybernal says:

    Interesting evaluation. The great news is that we the citizens still have power to affect the direction of our country.

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